Tani Bahti, RN, CT, CHPN

Tani has spent most of her career in nursing focusing on improving end of life care through education.

A RN since 1976, she recognized how fear, misinformation and lack of information can negatively impact decision-making and the dying experience. She has written and produced the award-winning video, Living Through Dying – The Struggle for Grace, is author of Dying to Know - Straight Talk About Death & Dying and producer of the Straight Talk Series on End of Life Issues. Tani has promoted clinical training programs for the medical and nursing schools and hospice volunteers.

She was founder and executive director of Passages – Support & Education in End of Life Issues, providing compassionate guidance in end of life issues through support, education & research from 2009 until 2015.

She continues to expand her work in Pathways, since 2006, providing community collaboration and national consultation to seek ways to improve end of life education, thereby improving end of life care.